This mom doesn’t have any have any tattoos, but if I were to get one on my forehead, ok, maybe my wrist, I think I would want it to say: “good enough.”

Do you feel like that sounds like a cop-out? It kind of feels like one to me when I say it. Like, if I hired a painter to repaint my house, I don’t know that I want him to look at his work and say, “good enough!” as he heads home. Or a doctor stitching up a cut on my kid’s leg after a fall, “ok kiddo, good enough!” Seems like you’ve fallen a little short. 

But as a mom, I think a strategy for success we really have to give ourselves is the grace to say, “it’s good enough.” Or we risk driving ourselves insane with anxiety over perfectionism. And that’s just no way to spend your time.

Because we are all enough.  I am enough. You are enough. And we are all good. So ENOUGH with the criticism and negative self-talk. I’m calling a moratorium.

Because your kids and your partner, your family, they don’t care about perfection. They don’t care about that last five pounds, or if the floors aren’t as clean as they could be. They won’t remember if you baked the perfect cookies or if you attended every baseball game.

What they will remember is whether you laughed, loved and lived your fullest life. What they care about getting the fullest, best version of you. The happy, confident, kind and amazing woman and mom that you are. 

Think about the next time you’re feeling guilty about not having spent enough time with your kiddo or made that perfect dinner after work. Or volunteered in the middle of the day for the class field trip. It doesn’t actually matter.

What does matter is that you show up every day and make the time you spend with your spouse and your kids, even if its short, meaningful and purposeful. Connect with them by looking into their eyes, listening to their words, and holding their hands. Share sweet and tender moments, even if only at bedtime for a few minutes. Pack a note in their lunch. Send a text during the day. Those moments may seem small and trivial but they make a huge impact. And will be remembered.

It is enough. It is good and enough.

No one does you better than you do it. So step our there and be yourself. And be amazing. 

You’ve got this, mama.