Moms have the best job in the world. Right?

Becoming a mom rocks your world in both the best and worst ways. It can bring you to your knees, totally challenging everything you thought you knew about yourself.

It’s what happened to me. 

For years, I’ve straddle the road between stay-at-home-mom and professional (or at least some sort of “important contributor to society”) and I didn’t know what side of the road I wanted to be. Practicing law? Playing with my kids? Contributing ideas at meetings? Heading up school fundraisers? Driving car pool? I still don’t know what lane I want to be in. Maybe I’ll never know. 

I had the supportive husband and #allthethings but still struggled with constant overwhelm and daily chaos, chasing kids and achievements and wondering why I always felt so damn tired all. the. time. I would get excited about a new goal or hobby and then quit after only a few days. I wanted it all but didn’t know how to get it. Or anything that even came close.

Hi, I’m Renata. After more than seven years of living in the thick of #momlife, I’ve learned a big secret. Maybe THE secret.

You don’t have to pick a lane. And you already have it all. 

We have it all. We’ve always had it all. The strength, the energy, the motivation, the confidence, the creativity, the love… it’s all inside of us, right now. Our light shines, it just may need to be rekindled a little bit. 

Being a mom was overwhelming for me but, thanks to a more active effort to cultivate self-love and create self-care routines in my life, it has become a little more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Now, to be clear, this is a journey that I’m still very much on. It’s neither a quick trip nor a final destination and it requires daily work. Which is difficult. It’s not about being perfect or achieving some “final goal,” it’s about creating a life that feels a little better, embodies the things that I want in life, and raises a few awesome kids in the process.

Motherhood doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I can help. I want to inspire you to take action in your life to achieve the things you want for yourself; to brighten that light inside of you again. Let me help you brighten your light. Let me help you get renewed. 

 As part of my mission to help moms stay connected to who they are as women, I’m available to speak to groups on topics like self-care and personal development. Send me a note to learn more! 

Also, I’m passionate about helping moms start and grow businesses. You know that THING you’ve always wanted to start but haven’t known how to make it happen? Click here to see how I can help!